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Franck Muller Replica Watches Central Second Timekeeper was selected by the jury for the Grand Prix de Horlogerie de Geneve - the most important annual watch award ceremony - as the best man's timepiece. The watch's primary strength is its detent escapement, which allows it to function in a very precise manner. It is a solution that is known for its accuracy, and was used in the past for marine chronographs. This type of escapement has been used in wristwatches until recently. Franck Muller Replica Watches, however, managed to introduce such a wristwatch in 2013. The construction of the new model is more complex, as it has a central second hand.Franck Muller replica watches The best-selling men's watch is available with a red gold or platinum case and costs about $50,875.

The novel watch from the Danish-Swiss manufacturer features a detent mechanism, unlike the vast majority modern watches that are equipped with Swiss lever mechanisms. This technical solution has the main advantage that energy impulses are delivered directly from the escape wheel to the balance. The arrangement ensures that each oscillation is only disturbed once instead of twice as in the Swiss lever escapement. The main benefit of this technical solution is that it results in fewer disturbances to the regulating organ.

Detent escapements gained rapid popularity in the 18th Century due to their improved punctuality. This type of movement was used in marine chronometers that needed to be precise to ensure accurate navigation. Urban Jurensen & Sonner is one of the most famous manufacturers of timekeepers. In the 19th century the brand became the official supplier to the Danish Royal Household and Admirality.

It is more accurate than a TourbillonIt's interesting to note, that although the detent escapement was created before the tourbillon complication was introduced, it still provides a chronometric result which is far superior and more accurate. This type of escapement has a disadvantage.u-boat replica This type of escapement is notoriously sensitive to shocks. Common wristwatches, unlike marine chronometers, are subjected to constant shocks and bumps, no matter how careful the wearer may be. The infamous fragility of the solution was the main reason they were abandoned, and the wristwatches never featured them until recently.