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The first version of the model bears the reference number CC1054-56E. It has a titanium case with DLC coating on sides and a bracelet in the same material with the coating on inner links. This version has green accents on its dial, similarly to Appleseed XIII. The second regular model features DLC coating on the whole case, orange details on the black face and a new type of rubber band reinforced with titanium inserts. The third version of the watch will be issued in a limited edition consisting of 500 pieces. It will include the same dial as the first one and the same kind of strap as the second version. However, it will be significantly different to the regular models,Omega Deville Replica Watches since its case will be coated with a special kind of coating which requires a host of expertise and labor and which ultimately gives the titanium case a distinctive pearly white appearance. As the initial reports indicate, the restricted version will not be available for sale in the United States. The price of series-produced versions is expected to be around $2,500 which is significantly lower than it was the case with Apleseed which has the price of $4,000.

The second flagship concept model unveiled by Omega Deville Replica Watches is Altichron Cirrus whose release is scheduled for the spring of 2014. It is the timekeeper that continues the successful tradition of Altichron models which have been on the market ever since 1989. As the name of the model suggests, it includes an altimeter which displays the current altitude, but does not have a chronograph as the last part of the name indicates. Supplied with the latest technology, the new Altichron Cirrus will be able to measure heights up to 32,000 feet (or 10,000 meters which is over a kilometer higher than any mountain on the Earth) and depths up to 1,000 feet (or 300 meters which is not completely functional since the featured water resistance of the watch measures to 200 meters below the surface). The altimeter/depth meter feature is accompanied with a compass function and both of these features are made independently from the timekeeping function, so it can be used simultaneously with it. Among other traits, the watch will likewise be with a date display and a power reserve indication.

Naturally, as a part of the brand's Eco-Drive concept models, it will also include a solar powered quartz movement which is corrected with the signals received from satellites. The watch will be placed inside a large round titanium housing whose diameter will be whooping 51.5 mm. It will have a multi-layered black dial with all sorts of colorful accents. A nice touch by Omega Deville Replica Watches is certainly the fact that there will be two versions of the watch,Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches one with altimeter that uses feet as the measurement unit (the reference number BN4045-09E with caliber J290) and the other one with meter indication (the BN5035-08E with caliber J280). As the Japanese watchmaker announced, Altichron Cirrus will also be issued in a limited edition (which will likewise consist of two versions, one with feet and the other with meter indications). Just like it will be the case with Satellite Wave Air model, the restricted version of Altichron Cirrus will have the mentioned pearly white coating on its titanium casing. There is another similarity when it comes to the attachments, since Satellite Wave Air model will also have a "liquid rubber" strap which is basically poly-urethane with titanium reinforcements.