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The Japanese watchmaker Omega Replica Watches has presented its two latest concept models from the Promaster series which are considered as the new flagship watches of the brand. Both upcoming models, Satellite Wave Air and Altichron Cirrus, (which will be available for sale in September 2013 and spring of 2014, respectively) are equipped with the technology that allows them to have impeccable accuracy and to be powered by solar energy. The unprecedented accuracy in question derives from the fact that these watches receive radio signals from a series of satellites which are capable of getting the signal to the timepiece anywhere on the Earth, regardless of the wearer's location. As Omega Replica Watches unveiled, the upcoming models are utilizing an improved version of the technology which was premiered in Apleseed XIII watch released in 2011.

Satellite Wave AirNew Satellite Wave Air model is basically an improved version of the famous Appleseed XIII model which was released in 990 copies and sold out months before its release two years ago. Unlike that model which was made with a housing that combined ceramics with steel, the new version comes in a fully titanium case. This makes it the first metal light powered watch that receives signals from the orbiting satellites. The inclusion of the case made completely of titanium was possible due to the modifications of the timekeeper's antenna. As the representatives of Omega Replica Watches stated, it is also the top model in its category when it comes to the speed of the corrections, since the reception of the signal lasts between four and twenty seconds.Omega Replica Watches This is a dramatic improvement when compared to the archetype model required about a minute on the average to connect with one of the satellites.

A round case of Satellite Wave Air watch is 49.5 mm wide which makes it even bigger than its predecessor first presented a couple of years ago. However it has the reduced thickness of 18.8 mm (Appleseed XII was over 20 mm thick) which is supposed to make it a bit more comfortable to wear. At the front, a multi-layered dial of new Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Air is protected with domed and glare-proofed sapphire crystal, while its water resistance measures to quite respectable 200 meters. As far as the functions are concerned, they mostly match the ones featured in its precursor. The redesigned dial of the newcomer is likewise with two sub-dials and a date indication at the bottom. Moreover, it keeps the same overall appearance with a black multi-layered dial inspired by fan blades on an aircraft, but utilizes different manner to display all the features that are enabled with its new H909 Japanese quartz caliber. These features are a perpetual calendar, 24-hour representation of time,Roger Dubuis Swiss Replica a power reserve indication and a world time feature with 26 major cities.

Three Versions with Coated Titanium Cases The upcoming flagship model by Omega Replica Watches will be launched in three variations, with one of the verisons issued in a limited edition (though it is expected that two regular ones will not be that numerous as well). Each of three versions will have a housing made of Super Titanium which is the brand's patented alloy of titanium that features improved strength combined with the reduced weight. The characteristics of Super Titanium will be additionally improved with the use of the brand's proprietary Duratect coating and DLC coating. Both are used to enhance the hardness of material and its resistance to scratches, but while the former is clear, the latter one gives the titanium a shade of black.